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Annette 29th Jan 2014 Activity Officer


have you tried paper mache? it's relaxing tearing up the newspaper etc i used a balloon sitting in a bowl. then the residents painted the paper or the last covering put lovely coloured paper on top. We actually made yellow chickens with funky hair, eyes etc and then put them on a paper plate with grass around it (crepe paper) then had them as table deco's...they were so much fun, messy but everyone enjoyed looking at them on all the tables.
Annette 6th Oct 2013 Activity Officer

Amy, i find Andre' Rue...not shore how to spell his surname....the violinist, after lunch our programme is quiet time in our dementia area. I put on Andre' and our ladies just love Him...there glued to the tv.....i find this great and they discuss how gorgeous he is, how beautiful the ladies dresses are. There's so many different titles to choose from...even when i can't change the language to English they still love it.
Annette 5th Sep 2013 Activity Officer

Lunch by the Bay

I love going out with the residents, every Friday is our bus trip, we've taken residents for "Pub Grub".this was men only then we had a mixed day, love it! We take the men to the Maritime Museum, Newcastle Museum. Ladies afternoon tea at a favourite cafe in Anna Bay, next week we're off to Karuah RSL for a concert, next month it's a trip to Tea Gardens, the residents love our outings we plan, we do have general trips that goes into country or to to the sea. We at Raymond Terrace Gardens have 4 RAO's, 2 working each day, 1 in secure unit with 26, and 1 in hostel/high care. I'm the newest of the team and we all work together well using the skills that we're gifted in.
Annette 24th Aug 2013 Activity Officer

Bean bag Toss

wow..i'm new at activities and looking at this like it , a must to sew this week..thanks everyone for the imput
Annette 23rd Aug 2013 Activity Officer

Snoezelen Rooms and Sensory Environments for Dementia Care

Hi Shelly, i worked in a facility as a nurse at the time the AO in dementia unit was very creative and she put together a sensory room. I didn't really know at the time why she did it, however now i'm an AO in a different facility and a student reading about this gives me more understanding. The room looked fabulous, but the nurses didn't really use it much, i believe that the nursing staff need to come on board with the changes AO impliments, and help with working together to make the change with the environment. I think a sensory room is useful and can help residents only if the nursing staff work it to.