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Diversional Therapy Coordinator From Victoria, Australia

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Trudi 12th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapy Coordinator

I am looking forward to the responses you receive Leanne. As a new coordinator we have very little cultural events and while we don't have the biggest range of nationalities, I still want to make sure everyone is accommodated.
Trudi 11th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapy Coordinator


I'm new-ish to Diversional Therapy and have just found out I need to write up a care plan for the animals/pets we have at our facility. Does anyone have a template for a care plan such as this or know where I can find one. I have written out care plans for residents but am just at a bit of a loss as to what to include and how to write it all up professionally etc... Thanks for any assistance.
Trudi 25th Sep 2013 Diversional Therapy Coordinator


I'm a new Diversional Therapy Coordinator and am looking ahead for Christmas present ideas for our residents. Obviously something small but am hoping for something a little bit more exciting than a small box of chocolates. Any ideas? Thank you.