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Domenica 29th Feb 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator

Who Am I Game

Would it be possible for more "Who am I" quizzes...Have a great day
Domenica 11th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator

Who Am I Game

The residents always enjoy this activity.
Domenica 9th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator

Quiz: A Question of Romance

To the wonderful team of Golden Carers,question number three of Question of Romance is not that price anymore,its over $120 plus now.That's just for Valentinbe's Day:)
Domenica 22nd Apr 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

Cup and Saucer Table Decorations

Hi everyone i have done a beautiful high tea party for Mothers day with flowers in tea cups also empty small jars and have the residents decorate them with coloured strings or ribbon even with paper cup cake .Also pom poms hanging from the ceiling and garden areas.
Domenica 15th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

Chinese Symbols Chain or Poster

Thankyou for these designs ,so helpful for our celebrations