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Louise 6th Dec 2015 Divisional Therapist

Brigadeiro - Brazilian chocolate bon-bons Recipe

Such a great idea and Thankyou for this site it is so helpful,Next year I will be traveling around the world with all our residents every month and will be choosing 1 country where we will be cooking with residents and eating it as well for their lunch or afternoon tea,our facility will be decorated up with all that country's artifacts and costumes.cheers
Louise 6th Dec 2015 Divisional Therapist

Indigenous Australian Dot Paintings

Hi everyone I know it is a brilliant idea,I was told that it's not respectful to be doing the dot painting as its a cultural thing and each dot suppose to tell a story of the dream time which I respect highly.i know at some day cares and schools they are not allowed to paint unless there's a presence of a elderly aboriginal.Please clarify for me as I refuse to do it at my high care facility till I get the OK to do so from a elderly.We would love to do it this Australia Day if I get the all clear.Thanks
Louise 14th Jan 2015 Divisional Therapist

Word Bingo

Happy New Year,we play Bingo in our facility every Friday and with the support of our wonderful and caring volunteers,it's free n our facility pays for little prizes,chocolates and biscuits to use as winning prizes,we also have a lot of donations from family members as well as volunteers.and that makes it very excieting for our residents.I shall try this new word game.thanks Louise.