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Carole 15th Nov 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer


Thanks so much Diane it is exactly what I was looking for, great help regards Carole.
Carole 13th Nov 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer


Hi everyone, I live in Australia Tasmania I am asking you all out there if you can help, I have been trying to purchase the Jumbo Pokeno games, I need both as we often get more than 12 residents to an activity. They only seem to sell them in America and it is going to cost $90 and most of that is on postage. I have looked and looked to see if I can download the cards to print off for free, but no luck there. They have to be the jumbo games as they are much easier for the residents to see. This would be a great alternative to bingo, which the residents love, so any ideas? Anyway of assisting would be great cheers Carole.
Carole 24th Mar 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer

Race Around Australia Trivia Game

Hi I recently did race around Australia trivia game it was a huge success thank you, I am wondering where the trivia pages were sourced from, the mix of questions were fantastic. If anyone out there can assist me to source some more that are similar I would be very grateful cheers Carole.
Carole 18th Aug 2015 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer


Hi I use they have lots of styles that you can utilise, download, save change and use to your liking, hope this helps regards Carole.
Carole 24th May 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer

Epson Salt Bottles

How long does it take to dry so you can move them ? I have just done one and it has been well over an hour and it still is dropping off, I put plenty of PVA glue on. I really like this idea but it isn't looking like it will be ready
at the end of an activity which is around one and a half hours. ?