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Recreation Officer/AIN From Queensland, Australia

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Elizabeth 22nd Feb 2019 Recreation Officer/AIN

Bingo: Improving Quality of Life for Seniors

We played the Valentines Day Bingo for Valentines Day, it really made the residents think and concentrate, it was definitely something different,
Elizabeth 17th Jan 2019 Recreation Officer/AIN


I love love love Golden carers. Do you have Chair Activity Bingo?
Elizabeth 15th May 2018 Recreation Officer/AIN

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Dementia

Thank u for this information about Dementia. I will share this in our workplace. We can all learn from it
Elizabeth 10th Mar 2016 Recreation Officer/AIN

Easter Carrots Craft

Love this idea, can't wait to make them with the residents
Elizabeth 25th Mar 2014 Recreation Officer/AIN

Lipstick & Pearls Afternoon

I love this idea, will definitely try it shortly. Would be great for Mothers Day in May

Elizabeth 9th Jan 2014 Recreation Officer/AIN

Fun Riddle 8

Would love the answer to this riddle please. Thanks

Elizabeth 4th Jan 2014 Recreation Officer/AIN

Vanishing Culture - The Bushman of the Kalahari

How can residents help? We have a resident who is always talking about the movie The Gods must be crazy

Elizabeth 11th Dec 2013 Recreation Officer/AIN


I work in an aged care centre with 6 residents. Lack of motivation is a problem. I find the thing that works best is person centred activites, eg one resident loves playing Rummy King, but hates craft etc. Just talking to them all the time finding out what their life has been like and what their interests have been. Getting them to do gentle exercises,even in bed seems to help a bit, gets the blood flowing!!! I will read articles that appeal to them when they are in bed, just lying there looking at the ceiling. It can be very challenging, I'm always after new ideas and suggestions. Good luck Elizabeth