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rosie 15th Jun 2014 lifestyle assistant

Vase Jars

I found set of 4 glass jars at Office Works yesterday for $2.50 . I have had the idea to do glass painting with my residents for ages but the jars were the set back . I have the MSDS for the paints and now the jars so with your ideas on decorating jars and my glass paints I think this is going to be a fun activity for next month special class in glass. :)
rosie 30th Apr 2014 lifestyle assistant

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

I am trying my first sensory day tomorrow we can not use food for them to taste so I gathered and bagged materials from the Kitchen ( sponge , towel , wipes , paper towel etc) a bag of bathroom things . Everyday materials like silk, cotton wool, felt . A bag of small plastic , wood , stone , marble pieces for a what is it made of quiz and a bag of smells like mixed herbs , desecrated coconut , salt ( but not pepper lol ) . I am hoping our visually impaired residents will come along and have a bit of fun , fingers crossed it goes well and they enjoy the session I also hope its not to basic for them or they will certainly let me know, ;)