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Faith 30th Jul 2019 Therapy Assistant


Try and have a theme day once every month, Like .... come dressed red day and get the carers involved and then have red velvet cake or cookies with red icing, and incorporate red into your activities. Or a high tea or milkshake morning. Music and memories day playing song from back in there era. just a couple of ideas . hope it helps
Faith 27th Jul 2019 Therapy Assistant


I’m Faith employed as a Day Therapy Coordinator and willing to join in the Penpal exchanged , our seniors are still living in there homes in the community but come to DC for socialisation and all the other things we offer . Our ages range from 70 to 96, my email is [email protected]
Faith 18th Jul 2019 Therapy Assistant


I run a Day therapy Centre for seniors of the surrounding community here in Perth , I would be do interested in the penpals idea. My email is [email protected]
Faith 25th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant


Thanks Susan and Marie , this is exciting .
My work email is
[email protected]
Please email and lets set this up
Faith 22nd Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant


I would like to participate with my Day Therapy Centre Clients in a pen-pal group. We are seniors living in Perth Australia aged between 70 and 99 years old. We would be interest in pen-pals from all over the world and all other backgrounds due to a lot of our clients are of Jewish heritage. My clients are fun loving family oriented people who love to chat and have a good time. Please contact me and any ideas would be welcome.

My email is [email protected]
Faith 3rd Oct 2018 Therapy Assistant


I love the Golden Carers site. everyone who has posted have said exactly what I would say. it has helped me in all aspects of my job. Imagine life without Golden Carers .... nope I cant .
Thank you for your fantastic resources. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
Faith 14th Jan 2017 Therapy Assistant

Rosh HaShanah Apple and Honey Cream

This is a Jewish Hoilday ... we celebrate this at the nursing home I work for
Faith 29th May 2014 Therapy Assistant

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

I think i will try this activity , will let you know how it goes
Faith 25th Mar 2014 Therapy Assistant


We are planning a Palliative box as well .. some ideas we have are ... Bible , poems, lavender stuff, soft lighting ( got ones that look like candles and run and batteries .... so pretty ). soft music ( angel music, old songs like amazing grace, how great thou art, music that are used in massage rooms ... forest , birds etc ) , I would also appreciate other ideas :)
Faith 25th Mar 2014 Therapy Assistant

How to Plan an Annual Event for Seniors

At our nursing home we lost our resident cat who had been with us for a long time , The residents want so much to do something special for Pasty the cat so we are having a memorial and fund raising for the RSPA since that is where Pasty the cat has come from . So its a bigFamily day with loads of things to sell, things to eat and lots of money to make for the RSPA . The resident are helping with all decorations , ideas on thing to sell and letting there family know ( with our help as well in emails ). So will be taking lots of picture and we will be having a fun day . will let you know how it all goes.