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Satomi 16th Jul 2019 Carer / Activity Coordinator

Cockney Slang Rhyming Words

Hey, all. When "Wiggles" were on TV, my little son was singing and dancing, and me, too.
"Everybody clap, (Clap, clap, clap), everybody sing, la, la, la, la, la~~~~" I was singing,
"Everybody crap, (crap, crap, crap), so on as English is second language for a loooong time...
Ha, Ha!
Satomi 10th May 2016 Carer / Activity Coordinator

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

Great. Thanks. Not only for people who have dementia but people who have hearing impairment would benefit from these cards. I'll talk to CNC and managers. Satomi
Satomi 22nd Mar 2016 Carer / Activity Coordinator

How to Plan & Implement an Induction & Orientation Program

Thank you for the detailed information. Currently I am studying a unit called Leadership in Health Care and this information is very useful once I need to attend the interview and beyond. Satomi
Satomi 2nd Feb 2016 Carer / Activity Coordinator

15 Activities for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Back to basics. Thanks for bringing up this topic again. As I'm the only Golden Carers member at my work, I'll show this page at the work computer. Sometimes reading the webpage together has a greater impact and hopefully all refresh how we conduct with the residents who are the late stage of Alzheimer. Thanks again.
Satomi 29th Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator

Professions that are Vanishing

Hi, just to add FYI. I live in Adelaide Hills and there are a quite few chimney sweepers as most houses are using open or combustion fire place. I lived in Sydney, Bendigo, Canberra, Sunshine Coast and this is the first time to use a combustion fire place and gas from a gus bottle. I would like to know whether other places in rural Australia use the fire place or gas bottle. Thanks, Satomi.
Satomi 29th Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator

Rhyming Riddles 1

Giving a clue in answers makes more playable and more elderly can participate to answer. I like it!
Satomi 1st Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator

Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

My situation is different. I'm a Japanese background. Most of my residents use English as a mother tongue. When I conduct "Cross Word Puzzle", "Tongue Twisters" or "Story Telling", sometimes they show me their puzzled faces. I ask "What did I say?" After spelling out the word, they pronounce the word correctly for me. The room turned to an English class room. Most of time they are happy to teach me and I use this as an activity.

I use this technique for other language culture people. So we learn a few different words in French, Dutch, South Africana, Germany, etc.

Satomi 14th May 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator

School Days Reminiscing Cards

Thanks for making easier to prepare and conduct for "School Days" reminiscing activity. As I wasn't educated in Australia, I was a bit uncertain what kind of questions were appropriate. Now, I can use the cards. At reminiscing time, I usually listen 95% and talk 5%. With this 5% talking, I may be able to explain the difference between Australia and Japan (as I came from Japan). Satomi
Satomi 4th Feb 2014 Carer / Activity Coordinator

How to write a Eulogy

I am a carer and a lifestyle coordinator. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study about the eurogy - which is a new area for me. All residents I wanted to say "Good bye" individually, but didn't know how to say properly. Now, I can try at least. Many thanks, Solange.