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Restvale 19th Nov 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

See my reply Carol.
Restvale 19th Nov 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Hi we are in South Australia and do a 'Pamper Day' every 6/8 weeks. Our residents love this day. We use essential olds in a diffuser, have hand spa's, massages, cutting and polishing nails and foot spa's with flowers and marbles for them to roll their feet on. We also use a 'princess' chair where we can lay back a resident and do a facial and cucumber on the eyes! We play soft music and close the curtains. We do it as a group activity and the carer bring resident up when they are ready and they take it in turns to have the various things done. They love to chat; even the dementia about other times when they have had this done in their lives; weddings. For you Carol what we have done is do the nail cutting first, then the hand massage, leave it for a few minutes for the resident to enjoy the feeling and then use an alcohol wipe to give a good wipe over the nail bed. Leave it to dry then apply the polish. Seems to work well. Some people have their nails/massage done in the morning and come back in the afternoon for the polish.
Restvale 3rd Apr 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

Great ideas. Thanks everyone for them and keep them coming. Remember we are all doing a fantastic job no matter how big or small it is. Keep up the great work.
Restvale 29th Oct 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Adopt a Friend

We have arranged with our local schools to visit on regular occasions. The children play games and read with the Residents. They also offer end of term performances and special plays, especially end of year Christmas performances. The Residents love it and it keeps them connected to their community.
Restvale 6th Jul 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Really like the "This day in History..." articles. Lots of information and reminiscing topics. A day can nearly go on for a week! :) Thanks for all the hard research that you have done for them.
Restvale 16th May 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Royal Quiz

Hi folks,
couldn't find the text for the quiz??
Restvale 12th Jan 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator


We have a church service in the morning via the radio therefore not much to set up for carers and in the afternoon have a movie. We (lifestyle) set up the day before and have it all ready for the carers to do. Our morning and afternoon tea is served by kitchen staff. Our residents are quite happy with this as we also promote that it is 'family time'! with families.
Restvale 2nd Aug 2017 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator


Don't forget change of address forms for the electoral.
Hand cream
pens, pencils.
colouring item
note pad
lollies/food item
Hope these help. Susan has covered quite a few.
Restvale 24th Apr 2017 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator


You could ask some volunteers if they have anything that they do not want anymore and would be willing to donate some!
peggy 18th Dec 2013 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

End of Year Message 2020

Hi Solage & crew,
Thank you SO much for this message...I needed it today!
Have a happy Christmas & enjoy a break yourselves.