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recreational facilities officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Vicki 23rd Feb 2016 recreational facilities officer

Balloon Tennis

I love the idea of the pool noodles being used! We do balloon tennis and make our own rackets with wire coat hangers which we bend out into a circle shape and stretch pantihose over them...the sharp bits at the end are covered with tape.
vicki 1st Sep 2015 recreational facilities officer

Abayomi Rag Doll

My residents loved this, and so did we! A perfect way to use up scrap fabrics. We also made little necklaces with large beads. Will be doing this will make sure we have all the correct pieces cut first. thanks for a great activity!
vicki 3rd Feb 2015 recreational facilities officer

How to Run Successful Resident Council Meetings

Perfect timing as I have to run a residents meeting tomorrow. Thank you very much for your very helpful site!
vicki 8th Jan 2014 recreational facilities officer

Fun Riddle 5

I just love these riddles, and so do my residents! Thank you so much! Vicki.