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Lynne 18th Aug 2014 Lifestyle activities coordinator

Ladies afternoon

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Ladies afternoon
Lynne 20th Mar 2014 Lifestyle activities coordinator


hallo carers my best friend is my ipad i download music for different occasions and activities my resident love this, relaxation i have strauss waltzes. party time. Old time party singalong which has songs daisy daisy, shell be coming round the mountain its really fun and they love to sing along . Majella, spinning wheel is a beautiful irish cd. The very best of glenn Miller really gets the feet tapping ive seen some dementia residents know some of the words. I also have frank sinatra tom jones englebert humperdink doris day for Australia Day I play Australian Classic songs it has all the favourites waltzing matilda advance Australia Fair, and more fun songs. For christmas I play Christmas with Bone M.
Lynne 22nd Jan 2014 Lifestyle activities coordinator

8 Ways to celebrate Australia Day

thank you for all your ideas im also new to thinking up activities I made flags for the table thanks for the plaster in a cup idea. so happy ive found this site