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Jenny 4th Aug 2014

How to celebrate Indian Independence Day

We are having a Bollywood Party. Thankyou for your tips and ideas.Will try them out.Let you know how it goes.
Jenny 29th Jan 2014

Chinese New Year Client Names

Oh what a great idea. Will be trying it also. The hats also is good. What a wonderful site. Have helped out so much. Thankyou.
Jenny 21st Jan 2014


Hi, does anyone have any good suggestions for St Valentines Day? I thought of red balloons,red serviettes,and a appropriate love DVD.Any thing else ??
Jenny Bracken 3rd Jan 2014

How to motivate residents in long term care

Well had my first day at activities. Used some of your theories. I had a lovely morning. Every one enjoying each others company,getting to know each other.
Jenny Bracken 30th Dec 2013

How to motivate residents in long term care

Thankyou for replying.I found all your information very good. I will be using it in the near future.
Jenny Bracken 26th Dec 2013

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

I have my first day with activities next week. Trying to find many different things to occupy their minds. Woild like themed days for special events.