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Irma 2nd Jun 2015

Doll Therapy and Dementia

Is there anyone who has an assessment form for doll therapy?
Irma 26th Feb 2015

Pet Therapy in Nursing Homes

I bring my dog to work every day since she was 9 weeks old. I am the allied health service manager and she is the most popluar staff member of all. Her name is Missy (now 18 months old ) and she is a ShihTzu. The residents absolutely love her. I just take her with me where ever I go and she walks along enjoying all the pats and cuddles. If I have to leave her home for some reason everyone misses her! Whenever a resident sees me, he/she will look down to search for Missy and they are quite upset if she is not there. She has made a differnce to the home's atmosphere and we cannot imagine a home without a pet.