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Manager of Respite Centre From Queensland, Australia

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Lucy 27th Feb 2017 Manager of Respite Centre

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Staff and clients had a ball answering these. Thanks for the great thoughts that you have put into putting this together.
Lucy 20th Jan 2015 Manager of Respite Centre


Across our residential and community facilities we do an exercise program. This involves all residents and clients who wish to be involved. We sit for these exercises. We have pool noodles cut into 3 and use these for ballon tennis. You sit all in a large circle, give each a noodle and use a balloon. The larger balloons can be bought at the supermarket or at the newsagent. This activity is good to hand and eye cordination and creates lots of laughter. There is the occasional resident that thinks that the noodles are to hit staff or others. Just have to manage this. Using squeeze balls to do hand exercises. Great activity to get everybody involved.