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Pam 22nd Sep 2015 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator

What is Dementia? Alzheimer's Disease vs Dementia

There is also dementia caused by - huntington's disease, Korsikoff's (check spelling) or acquired dementia such as brain damage... which some toxins can cause.
Pam 14th Jul 2015 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator

Redefining Roles: 10 Principles of Person-Centered Care

This may help - Contact the Alzheimers Association in your State or Australian AA they have info on 'The Caring Role' as part of training Aged Care & for relatives & friends plus other 'get to know' info.
Pam 30th Sep 2014 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator

Doll Therapy and Dementia

....Nature Therapy or Nurture Therapy? Call it what suits the culture in which it is used. This (as for any therapy) work with, & for, some dementias but not for other types (or different resident mix). If staff are accepting and non judgemental (as they should be) then others will be too... It is great for residents to have feelings and emotions of any type!
Pam 13th Aug 2014 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator


Hi Caz,
Look up B & S Books online (for info & dvd's etc) - they are great for resources & deliver Aust wide.
Pam 13th Aug 2014 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator


Hi Taryn,
Get in touch with the Diversional Therapy Association (then contact team in your area) they should be able to send you a list of entertainer & their costs.
Pam 13th Aug 2014 Lifestyle + Leisure Coordinator


Hi Jane,
Good for you asking questions! I have been in this work for over 20years & any sunset (assuming this is a 'sundowning behaviour by dementia residents') program. The program should be quiet not noisy, related to the residents era (ie music, readings, poems, stories, mail, craft) or walks gentle movement to music to assist with resting at night...Talk also to family members to ask what their loved one used to do around that time of day at home.....