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Jane 3rd Jun 2014 Activity provider - self employed


Choose a beautiful piece of music and invite your clients to 'paint to it'. Very soothing!
Jane 1st Apr 2014 Activity provider - self employed


What about school days?
Uniform, daily routine, how did they get to school, assembly, favourite teachers, best and worst lessons and teachers, pranks, what did they do at playtime, school dinners, school friends....and enemies.
Jane 11th Mar 2014 Activity provider - self employed

Poems to Share #1

My residents love 'The Owl and the Pussycat'.....I have used this alongside some owl facts and owl art and craft.
You can make an effective picture if on navy paper, with white paint, you dip the side of a piece of cardboard in and print trunk and branches. Use thumb to print say 3 owls sitting on branches...use wrong end of a paintbrush for yellow eyes finish off details ....beak, wings, middle of eye etc with sharpie pens and finally using a champagne cork which is wider than a wine cork stamp a yellow moon. Use a sponge to apply the land below the tree.