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Recreational therapist From New South Wales, Australia

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Barbara 9th Dec 2014 Recreational therapist

End of Year Message 2023

Merry Christmas to you &yours what a wonderful service you provide. I have retired two months ago for the 2nd time,I missed
The residents & staff the best job in the world.Sadly not a well paid job in monetary terms,but oh how privileged are we that work
In activities aged care.after 25years of shopping with 1eye looking for anything for work,it is a hard habit to break.bless you all.
Barb brown
Barbara 23rd Jul 2014 Recreational therapist

Celebrating International Beer Day

What date is international beer day please.
Barbara 14th Feb 2014 Recreational therapist


Could you please tell me when teachers day is held?congratulations on such a wonderful sharing informative site.i have been an RAO for 22yrs aged care is my passion.thank you so much. Barb from NSW