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Carol 1st Jul 2014 Therapy assistant


Our prizes are a marshmallow for a line and freddo or milky wy mini bar for a full house.
Carol 1st Jul 2014 Therapy assistant


Hi everyone.
I work as a TA in a care facility in Australia with residents who have various illness and disabilities. A number of our male residents  are retired trades men physically able to a great extent.  We recently acquired some battery operated power tools which include a sander, jigsaw and drill. Our residents and TA's  were really excited about this as we planned to use their life skills to make some creative art work and picture frames using the power tools 1-1 . Now Our organizations OSH have got involved and we look as though residents may not be allowed to use the tools . 
My question is to other TA's in Australia. 
Do you have woodworking groups,
do your clients use power tools and to what extent. 
We realize there need to be guide lines in place and limitations of use but really want our residents to get maximum participation. 
Any feed back to this would be appreciated.