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Yvonne 18th Jan 2018

This Day in History for Seniors: February

thankyou very much for the monthly Today in History it is a great help for LEO staff and my residents really love it.
Yvonne 5th Oct 2017

Melbourne Cup Horse

thanks for that template of the Melbourne cup horse, what a great idea.
Yvonne 29th Dec 2016

Find the link words

nice residents loved it
Yvonne 19th Jan 2016

Easter Poster

my goodness the posters are great this month, thankyou
Yvonne 19th May 2015

Autumn Art Templates

love the pictures for my residents
Yvonne 19th May 2015

Fun Riddle 18

great for my residents
Yvonne 17th Mar 2015

St Patrick's Day Irish Quiz 2

My residents loved this quiz but found it a bit hard
Yvonne 11th Mar 2015

Four Leaf Clovers and Shamrocks

everyone at my nursing home loved this easy shamrocks and clovers
Yvonne 12th Jun 2014

The Benefits of Coloring-in for the Elderly

my residents at Coniston love to colour, some adult resident pictures might be nice if anyone has any to share, please email [email protected], thanks