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Marion 6th Jun 2017


Hi Liz
I think I might have an idea for you which would be quick and easy and perhaps very rewarding for your residents. Earlier this year I realised how much I'd fallen behind with my family scrap booking. A few days later I came up with this simple idea. I had accumulated several different sizes of canvases over the years and decided to put them to good use.
I sorted my photos into groups and singles and arranged them on the canvases. I painted some for effective backgrounds and left some white. I then made use of all those rolls and rolls of "washi tape" which I had accumulated and taped beautiful and appropriate borders onto the canvases. I then used double sided tape to attach some of the photos to the canvases which gave it a 3D effect, and on others I used gorgeous colourful brads to hold them down. I also used stick on letters and numbers to note names and dates.
I've mounted all the canvases on my blank and boring garage walls which has given the garage a whole new life, as I now call it my "Photo Gallery" and when friends and family visit they spend happy times in my garage checking out their pics
Marion 19th Jul 2016

Friendship Day

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Marion 2nd Dec 2014

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Marion 2nd December 2014
Thanks Kelly-Anne - re Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks. I have made folders with plastic sleeves of pictures i've used from out of date calendars bought from the dollar shops. They are amazing. I have folders of Dogs & puppies, Cats & kittens, Blooms, Australian Flora, Aust Fauna, Aust Landscapes, Aust Icons, Spiritual verses, Dolls, Vintage cars, Birds, Teddies, Aboriginal art, Friendships, Christmas and many more. I leave them scattered around the activities area and it's very rewarding to see residents just paging through the folders sharing their pictures and talking about it with each other. The folders also come in handy for reminiscence sessions, as you can see from the titles. Look out now for the bargains on the 2014 calendars! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!