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nurse / dementia From Victoria, Australia

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Janlyn 22nd Dec 2020 nurse / dementia

End of Year Message 2023

Hi Solange,
What beautiful words!! It has been a year like no other for sure. Thankyou for all the amazing ideas etc that have been shared, it is an amazing help with planning new and fun things for our residents to do. Have a safe and happy Christmas break and here's to a new and bright 2021 for everyone xx
Janlyn 13th Oct 2014 nurse / dementia


can people please share their ideas for melbourne cup day.
Janlyn 29th Apr 2014 nurse / dementia


Hand lotions / body products make lovely raffle gifts. Make up both female / male pamper packs. Also potted plants.
Cheers Janlyn
Janlyn 29th Apr 2014 nurse / dementia


Can anyone give me some ideas for activities designed for people with youger onset dementia, I am having trouble sourcing information for those aged in their fifties.
Many thanks Janlyn