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About Julie: 9 years as Lifestyle Therapy assistant in Perth WA

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Megan 14th Oct 2019 Therapy Assistant

Soap Making Recipe

How long did it take to set?
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant


Pet Therapy,
We are based in Perth,SOR. Unfortunately our Pet Handler and her dog has retired. We are wondering who else we can contact? It doesn't have to be a dog.
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant


We also get our residents to communicate what love means to them, write it down, paint etc, craft an old card into a love heart and place on a board and afterwards we put it on their door..also can laminate if time permits
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant


We are also in Perth and would be interested in conversing conversation. Even via email for those that don't have fine motor skills but are cognitive. We have a lot of Dutch residents, some English.

Please contact
[email protected]
Megan 21st Jun 2018 Therapy Assistant

Sundownder Music

does anyone have any other specific links you like to use on You tube? We run a wellness group- once we've applied massage and heatpacks we like to let the residents choose what they would like to watch on the smart tv. Whether it is a travel documentary or musician.
Megan 10th Apr 2018 Therapy Assistant

12 Tips for Writing Progress Notes

wow, that would be a very clear picture to charting the stats and what needs to be improved etc.
Megan 7th Mar 2018 Therapy Assistant

Solve the Riddles

Love it :) thankyou. Quiz afternoon and newspaper reading (cognitive afternoon) with afternoon tea. Thank you.
Megan 28th Feb 2017 Therapy Assistant

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

Awesome thankyou.
Megan 7th Feb 2017 Therapy Assistant


Sensory ceiling stimulation... I'm looking for ideas for the something to either hang or stick to the ceiling. I did think of a mobile, with objects of residents interests hanging but visually this might even too busy. Otherwise I thought of just placing laminated bright coloured paper in shapes of triangle/ heart etc and stick to the ceiling . Any suggestions?
Lee-Ann 21st Jul 2015 Therapy Assistant


Thanks everyone.
These are great ideas.