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margaret 8th Jan 2018 carer/activities

This Day in History for Seniors: February

I absolutely love this also. I learn something new every day. Thank you for your hard work.
margaret 23rd Sep 2016 carer/activities

AFL Grand Final Game

Could you please include a photo of the board. Love the idea.
margaret 1st Jul 2016 carer/activities

Words in Words Game 5

Just wondering if circus is correct for question 9?
margaret 10th May 2016 carer/activities


Thanks Josephine,
I need to 'borrow' a school child!
margaret 24th Apr 2016 carer/activities


Thanks Talita I will investigate those suggestions,
margaret 19th Apr 2016 carer/activities


At our facility we have a couple of karaoke dvd's which the residents enjoy but they are getting a bit tired of the same ones. Does anyone know where I can find ones that are cheaper than the ones online at around $40 each. Love the site. Any help would be appreciated.

margaret 13th Jun 2015 carer/activities

Recycled Hoy Game

Hi Everyone,

I love this game but shouldn't every card be different otherwise everyone would be calling 'hoy' at once.
I could only find one card in the instructions. Am I missing something? I can be a bit vague!
Love the site.
margaret 30th Jun 2014 carer/activities


Hi Solange,
Just new to your site and I love all the ideas. How many staff do you have to implement your activities for 12 hours a day, that's amazing.
We only have 3 hours of activities daily, five days per week.
margaret 30th Jun 2014 carer/activities


Just new to your site and I love all the ideas.