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Janine 5th Jul 2016 Lifestyle Assistant


There is no wrong or right way to do this, we have an large cabinet in our "general area" it has a shelf with battery operated candles and some lovely plants and we place a large framed picture with birth date and RIP date, for all to see
Janine 24th May 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

Match Songs with Artists: 1970s

My residents just love music and sing a long, but these songs are way too recent none of the residents would know these. Songs they enjoy are My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, My Darling Clementine, Only You (Platters), Que Sera Sera, You Are My Sunshine, Bye Bye Blackbird, Waltzing Matilda etc etc
Janine 9th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Assistant

End of Year Message 2023

This is my 1st year with GoldenCarers and I bless the day I found your site. It has helped me beyond belief to bring great activities to my residents and great advice when needed. So I would like to pass on my thanks and wish you all a VERY MERY XMAS AND A GREAT 2015 XX
Janine 7th Aug 2014 Lifestyle Assistant

Dream Weaving

What is the consideration regarding Risk Assessment and Liability against an organisation, do they sign off on a waiver

Great idea we are trying to establish this at the moment

Thanks for the idea