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Alzheimers Australia 11th Aug 2016 Recreation Officer

How to Hold Your Own Olympic Games

We did our mini Olympics on Monday - we used cotton wool balls for shot-put, straws for javelin, paper plates for discus. We also had a piece of masking tape on the ground and the participants had to walk along it (balance beam), we also had another gymnastics routine: standing on one leg for as long as possible. (You can have a chair beside to aid balance).
We did 'target shooting' with a magnetic darts set, and ice skating using a sheet of paper/cardboard under each foot and shuffling (skating) on them across the finish line.
It was a fun time. Lots of laughs :)
Alzheimers Australia 5th May 2016 Recreation Officer

Cockney Slang Rhyming Words

Down the Frog and Toad - Road
Around the Johnny Horner - Corner
Up the Jack and Jill - Hill
Alzheimers Australia 30th Apr 2015 Recreation Officer

Word Game 1

51+ words!