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Recreational Activities From New South Wales, Australia

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gladyz Abril 2nd Oct 2023 Recreational Activities

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: ArmCHAIR TRAVEL IRAQ
gladyz 8th Jun 2020 Recreational Activities


Hi Wendy where I can get this book in NSW.
gladyz 16th Jan 2020 Recreational Activities


Can I get the address for this shop Lombards thanks

gladyz 27th Jun 2019 Recreational Activities

8 Tips for Successful One-on-One Visits

Could you please give me some examples to write in progress notes about the 1:1 visits for people doesn't want to participate in activities or some tips please thanks gladyz
gladyz 25th Sep 2018 Recreational Activities

How to write an Activity-Based Care Plan

Hi thanks for your help, I would like if you can help me how to write about sensory, sensitive,cognitive and some examples please. Thanks gladyz
gladyz 4th Mar 2018 Recreational Activities

Activity Evaluation Form

Hi, thank you for your tips that it helped me a lot, I would like some help with the external providers review about concerts, outings.