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leanne 4th May 2016 Carer

15 Uplifting Activities for Limited Mobility

At our facility we have started taking coloring books and template's to our residents that do not attend activity sessions and like to spend time a lone. They enjoy showing the staff and other residents the progress of their work. Our care staff have also shown interest in what the residents are doing and some wonderful conversations have started.
leanne 15th Feb 2016 Carer

Polishing Brass

I was wondering if you can also use toothpaste on silver .We have had someone donate some silver items tea pots sugar bowl and some other bits and pieces .I'm wanting to do this in our Dementia unit
leanne 19th Jan 2016 Carer

Valentine's Day Hearts

I did this activity last year in our Dementia unit I cut the hearts out of thin colored foam and punched the holes in for them, we sat in tables of 3 residents and one helper .After the residents threaded different color ribbon they then stuck different stickers on them.Some gave them out to family members and with the other ones we decorated our day room and dinning room When we took them down the residents dismantled them , so this year we will redo them.
leanne 28th Jul 2014 Carer


Hi my name is Leanne and I've just finished my cert 4 in leisure and health, am already a carer in a Dementia unit and am volunteering doing activities in there on my days off .I did a veggie peeling activity which every one enjoyed but the supervisor said that we cant use paring knives to cut up the vegetables has any one got any ideas of another sort of knife to use. Your suggestions would be appreciated .Thanks Leanne