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Viola 2nd Jan 2015 Physio Assistant

Hydrating Drinks

Have the drinks made up and chilling while we sit on our chairs around the little pool doing some fun lower limb exercises, splashing and kicking our feet and legs. Then we can sit back and relax with a home made cool refreshing drink.
Love it ... Thankyou!
Viola 6th Aug 2014 Physio Assistant


Hi Fiona - I have a few CD's that I have purchased and a few that I had to down load because I had so much trouble trying to find favourite music that the residents love to get up and active with e.g. Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, Tom, Tom turn around and Always look on the bright side of life - to say a few. We have exercise group 3 times a week with all residents coming together for 30 minutes of exercise. The physio put the exercise routine together and we all have fun getting physical and trying to apply the routine. We have 5 minutes of warming up .... 20 minutes of the more active exercise and 5 minutes of cooling down. I hope some of this information is helpful?