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About Joy: The Joy of Pet Therapy
As from first of July 2016 The Joy of Pet therapy will be providing clients/customers in residential care, a group of residents living in care, a pet visiting service as a therapy visiting pets, a professional visiting pet service and trained per therapy therapists for a therapy session. The Joy Of Pet Therapy Staff and their dogs, each week to spread the magic of pet-assisted therapy to people in a range of settings, with needs ranging from loneliness to cancer. All Staff complete the comprehensive Pet therapy training course and are supported to increase their knowledge and skills, and to provide a professional and safe pet therapy service to their clients

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Joy 21st Apr 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

Joyful Dog Visits for Seniors

Allow me to introduce myself, I am offering a Pet Visiting service to Age Care facilities, Day Centres, and Retirement communities. The Service I am offering is called The Joy of Pet Therapy, it is the positive impact of the human-animal bond is real and is backed by scientific data, case studies, and research that validate the therapeutic effects of human-animal relationships. These benefits can be emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual and are created when an animal's antics cause us to laugh or an animal aids us in therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) This service will be offed to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria Australia