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michelle 20th Feb 2018


You might have to do a few activities involving the care staff so they feel confident to do it themselves. Hopefully management will be helpful in facilitating that. You could always play the ''experience'' card, because by them helping out with activities, it will look good on their CV for when they want another job someday...
michelle 25th Apr 2015


I guess it depends on your own learning style.... I am over half way through the cert 4 with South Brisbane TAFE, which is fully external. It is based on workbooks. I have found it to be fairly time consuming, but found this to be less pressure than having to attend lectures. The supervisor is happy to answer questions if I have needed help.
michelle 22nd Apr 2015


does anyone know if it is a requirement for accreditation that daily tick sheets are completed?
michelle 24th Aug 2014

Playdough Guessing Competition

Great idea - I would also like to get the residents involved in making the playdough if possible...