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Mary 7th Sep 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


Does anyone have any suggestions to keep a highly intelligent resident mentally stimulated. She is a Professor of Philosophy & Astronomy, who has lectured in universities. She struggles physically after breaking her neck and a stroke has left her with a speech impediment - so to do talks for others is difficult for her.
Something that can be done 1:1, or challenging word games/quizzes. She enjoys doing diamond art, jigsaws, knitting & reading - but is often bored and becomes very emotional.
We do a large variety of word games & quizzes, with varying degree of difficulty, which suit our other resident populations - but I am looking for something that will suit this lady.
I have suggested online study - eg. U3A or other adult education - but she is states that there is nothing that interests her when we have searched.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.