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Kathleen 11th Aug 2016

Match Songs with Artists Quiz 4: 1950s

I don't understand the first list says questions the second answers but lists same and artists different ..?
Kathleen 10th May 2016

Nursery Rhyme Quiz III

I often read a childrens nursery book to a client in a nursing home, thats mentally challenged and she cannot count properly at all but knows a lot of nursery rhythmes.
Kathleen 24th Apr 2016

Paint Stick Matching Game

Sounds like fun..
Kathleen 25th Jan 2016

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

I'm still just a homecare person, hope to be a RAO one day, just need build up my confidence.. I would like to volunteer somewhere on my day off to assist a RAO one day a week to gain practical exp.
Kathleen 17th Jun 2015

How to Evaluate Care Plans & Write Quarterly Reviews

I have only done a c4 health and Leisure course finished end of last yr.. haven't actually worked as one yet I do homecare at moment.. but i would suggest maybe starting with the 5 senses, using main headings in care plans, review forms etc and brainstorming maybe even in a group or with a friend and see how many descriptive and appropriate words you can come up with.
Kathleen 23rd Nov 2014

Aussie Themed Jingle Bells

Great.. will get residents to try it out on my last day of work placement..
Kathleen 20th Nov 2014

Christmas Kissing Ball

I was wondering the same thing? is like Mistle toe idea????
Kathleen 22nd Oct 2014


How do we get involved in a post card exchange between facilities..? Can someone explain how it actually works, I'd like to suggest it where I am doing work placement..