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Marie 6th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator

Home-Made Lemonade

Hi Jeanette,

What are Gem Scones?
Marie 9th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

End of Year Message 2023

All very true Solange. Thanks for all you do and merry Christmas to you and your family.
Marie 9th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Siobhan,

I had the same problem. I started a 1:1 list with every resident who does not attend activities on it. All staff are to spend 1:1 time with these residents. To stop the staff from seeing only the "easy" residents, I check the list each day and tell the person responsible for 1:1 visits who to see that day. We got very positive compliments from the assessors regarding this.
Marie 8th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

Snow & Winter Quiz

Very good. We will use this for our "mind games" activity this Friday.
Marie 20th Oct 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

Sunshine and Song

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sunshine and Song
Marie 25th Sep 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

Demonyms Quiz

Victorians=Mexicans (south of the border)
Queenslanders = Banana Benders
West Australians=Sandgropers
South Australians=Crow-eaters