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Lisa J

Caregiver From Colorado, United States

About Lisa J: I am a senior caregiver, Christian fiction writer and Plexus Ambassador. I enjoy reading, writing, crafts, pilates, working with troubled teens, coffee, laughing and friends/family time.

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Lisa J 20th Oct 2014 Caregiver


I am working with a wonderful lady who is in her mid fifties with Alzheimer's disease. She spent a good part of her life as an elementary education teacher, leaving her career with the onset of ALZ. She admits that she does not have a lot of interests because she spent most of the time caring for her family or teaching. She does not like arts and crafts, games or puzzles. I am trying to spike interest in cooking, walking outdoors, trivia and riddles and such. I can tell that she is used to many hours of watching television and I am trying to limit our time with that. Any suggestions on activities I can do with her? I would like it to tie in to her career as a teacher if possible. Thanks!