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Regis Alawarra Lodge 16th Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


We are trying to change our prize awarding system. For years now we have used Kit-Kats as prizes for winners during our competitive games (like bingo, carpet bowls, quizzes, bucket game, etc, etc). Some residents are bored of Kit-Kats and some can't have chocolate, so we are going to trial a new system.
We will use a loyalty-type card that takes the place of a Kit-Kat, so for every game or small prize they may have won, they get a stamp or hole punch instead in their card. Then when they have filled in their card they can claim a bigger prize (like a scarf, handkerchiefs, note books, pens, etc, etc).
Does anyone else use a system like this? How does it work for you? We are going to trial it for a few months and ask for feedback as we go. I'm interested to hear what you all think, or if you have recommendations.
I will post again once we have been trialling, say end of next month.
Thanks, Jocelyn (Regis Inala Village)