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Gail 10th Mar 2015 Personal carer

Paper leaves fall decoration

Just a quick comment, I love both ideas but we actually get the residents to cut them out and then hang them, if the residents are involved in making them as well, they are more likely to get involved.
Gail 30th Dec 2014 Personal carer

Australian inventions that changed the world

You forgot a few, wine casks, motor mowers, to name a couple - this is a good starting point, I will use this but I may leave out things they won't know. Good idea though
Gail 30th Dec 2014 Personal carer

Countdown to Noon!

I have organised this as well for tea time with some games like bingo - I am just not sure how to attach the sheet to the roof so it pulls away
Gail 23rd Dec 2014 Personal carer

10 Ways to Improve Activity Participation

I am just a bit shocked, why is holding hands not the done thing? Sorry I had to comment as in our facility we are always holding their hands, giving cuddles and even kisses when they are in bed. They love it. I even put my arm around the residents (family as I call them) as we walk to the dining room or into the lounge room. Everyone should do it, don't be frightened to get close to the residents.