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Robyn 19th Apr 2015 Activites Assistant


Hi ladies, we do not have a template really, we just use the following.
A4 coloured paper/card
Cut out pictures from calendars, used cards etc. We ususally theme base them. Some clients have bought in photos of their family.
Then we laminate it and use a marker pen to neatly write their name on it after it has been laminated. This way it can be re-used if the clients leaves, by cleaning the name off.
Clients can choose there own pictures to have a placemat made or we pre make them and let the client choose one of those. It really depends on the client and their abilities.
Sorry I do not have any photos on me, but the placemats are very simple and as fancy or plain as you or the client likes.
Thanks Robyn
Robyn 9th Apr 2015 Activites Assistant


Hi Natasha, I also work at a Elderly Day Programme in the community in NZ. We have individual placemats used at lunchtime only. I think it is a great idea as they get to choose what pictures relate to themselves. It also has their name on them to make it easy for staff seating the clients for lunch and the client recognising their placemat. We do have the odd one who likes to take them home in her handbag :)