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Thea 8th Apr 2018 Facility Manager

Resident Facilitated Historical Sessioin

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Resident facilitated historical sessioin
Thea 16th Jul 2016 Facility Manager


Hello, I am after some ideas please, we have a lovely Italian lady in our facility who had developed dementia and is reverting to her mother tongue. Have you any suggestions for bridging the gaps with staff and residents, it is becoming quite isolating for her, thanks I welcome your input Lynne
Thea 1st May 2016 Facility Manager


Thankyou Talita will look forward to your input..Liz
Thea 24th Apr 2016 Facility Manager


Download through You Tube :)
Thea 24th Apr 2016 Facility Manager


Hi everyone, we are needing ideas for prompt cards for declining residents, some although can hear are not able to answer due to the progress of their disease and some only recognise prompts. These need to be simple questions that they can relate to with icons. I have thought about this but the list of even the most basic of necessary questions amounts to a lot of cards. Basically: are you in pain (where?), thirst, hunger, depression etc. These need to be put into flash cards that are of no more than 10 better if less, so that if needed RN's and Doctors can use them in an appropriate situation to benefit the outcome without confusing our residents more and a better diagnosis abled. Ideas welcome and maybe we can set a standard set :) Liz
Thea 8th Apr 2016 Facility Manager

Sundowning: Symptoms, triggers & strategies

I have found that a strategy that "often/sometimes" works depending on the day is to roll activities into one session. Having a calendar of events is just a guide and being prepared to incorporate some simple activities into one helps with agitation. It could be cooking and playing music, or a calm and social gathering, not all our residents are interested or comprehend the designated activity so it is important to understand what suits them as individuals and accommodate as best and as practically as possible.
Thea 13th Mar 2016 Facility Manager


Hi Everyone, we are doing St Pat's this week and then onto the Easter theme. It's busy but a great way to keep the activities rolling. As for March 17th and Easter, there are some great templates on the net, just google and go to images and you'll find heaps of fun activities that can be applied to aged care/dementia. Enjoy!