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Melissa 9th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist


My advice would be to come up with meaningful activities to the resident. If you run an activity and they are all asleep, then the activity isn't suitable. An activity will not suit everyone (because no matter how hard you try you cant please everyone :)) which is why its good to run several activities at once. BUT don't wear yourself out doing it, its common in our industry. As hard as it is, leave work at work! Don't over commit yourself or make promises you cant keep. I'd also like to say I've seen many Activities Officers look great because they have big numbers at their activities but when you go to these activities only one or two are truly engaged and therefore are not getting any benefit of the activity! Its not our job to bully residents into or to discourage residents from attending, its our job to make them want to go and to participate as best as they can :) (you will pick this skill up over time. I'd say it takes at least 18 months to train someone or longer if your on your own). It will be hard. But when you get a smile from a resident who hasn't smiled in ages it makes it all worth it. Its my 5th year in Activities and I'm still learning more everyday. Best of luck! Welcome to the best job in the world!
Melissa 7th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Wow. Just wow. This resource created one of the most memorable activities I've ever done. We could only get through about half today but I'm going to create a Spotify playlist so I can play the songs with the lyrics next time. Looking forward to it!

*Guys, if you ever get stuck for music for an activity i.e., last post, anthems, hymns, any song from the wartime, relaxing music etc. use the Spotify App! It has pretty much every song you can think of, costs $13 a month and needs internet to access songs but so worth it!
Melissa 21st Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist


Good afternoon!

I was just wondering - you guys have a great ANZAC/Australia day how to's, would you consider doing a Christmas party how to?

I've spent the last four years as a lifestyle officer but this is my first year as a manager. I can remember the schedule but for the life of me I cant think what to say in my welcome and thank you speeches! Haha! Any suggestions very welcome (I work for a very religious Christian facility - I however am not religious).

Thanks very much,