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Megan 6th Aug 2018


Calendar 2019.

Hi all,

Just wondering when the calendar for 2019 is coming out. I need to get started planning.

Many thanks!

Regards from Western Australia
D'Ayrne 30th Jan 2017

Pancake treat

We have had great fun and many laughs in previous years with pancake tossing using small, cold frypans for the residents and staff running races (while tossing pancakes) with the residents being in charge of starting the race and judging the winner!
Holly 26th Jun 2015


Hello! I am after some ideas for names for 2x new groups we are developing in our facility. One group is for our high cognitive functioning residents, and the other is for our medium cognitive functioning residents. Both groups will involve a mix of activities including physical activities and cognitively stimulating activities. Thank you :)