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recreational officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Julia 9th Jun 2015 recreational officer

Abayomi Rag Doll

I tried this last weekend the residents loved the dolls but did find it a little difficult tying the knots. I loved it and tied many knots. Thank you.
Julia 28th Apr 2015 recreational officer

Iced patty cakes

Scones are easy, residents love making them. They then eat them with jam and cream for afternoon tea. Cup cake icing is so much fun. I cook the patty cakes at home. I make the icing and pop it in the icing bags the residents enjoy squeezing the icing onto the cakes and create. With sprinkles, silver balls and other decoration. Residents who don't attend are still included. Dementia resident enjoy this activity also. Cup cakes and biscuit decorating.