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activities coordinator From England, United Kingdom

About Jo: Activities coordinator in a NHS hospital working on a long term elderly care ward. Only a small corner for activities so mostly done at the bedside. I do get the opportunity to take 2 patients off the ward once or twice a week for tea and a chat with other patients from different wards. Always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

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Jo 10th Nov 2015 activities coordinator

Memory Game

we call this Donkey in England. You can either spread the cards in a large messy circle or in straight rows.
Jo 2nd Apr 2015 activities coordinator


Hi Golden Carers, I noticed you have activity ideas for St.Patricks Day and St. Andrews Day but none for St.Georges Day. Can I ask why?
Jo 5th Mar 2015 activities coordinator

How to Respond to Challenging Behavior

HI everyone, I am a activities coordinator in a hospital looking after the longterm elderly conditions patients. On average 3/4 of my patients have Alzheimers/dementia and the majority are looking for lost handbags, keys, purses, hankerchiefs, wallets. What I do is go to all the charity shops in my area and stock up on handbags, wallets, purses, and ask my friends if they have any spare keys. I now don't have any problems with them looking for things. I have even picked up a few cheap rings, watches and bracelets. It makes the patients so happy.