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Georgia 21st Mar 2017 caregiver

Art-Based Cognitive Therapy: Palm Sketch

A new activity has been submitted by a Golden Carers member: Art-based Cognitive Therapy
Georgia 1st Mar 2016 caregiver

Creative Easter Mini Wreaths

I like the wreath - so simple yet so so sweet!
Georgia 26th Jan 2016 caregiver

Valentine's Day Hearts

It's amazing what one can do!!
Georgia 20th Jan 2016 caregiver

Mandala Activities for the Elderly

Colouring continues to be of great benefit in aged care. We have introduced our residents to watercolours and acrylic painting besides crayons. Our latest venture is:- We are recycling an old large Hot Water tank. Our art animator led our residents with acrylic paint on this tank. On completion we are placing it on a prominent site at the facility and invite some guests (the residents' relatives) for the inauguration. The residents already feel proud on their achievement!
Georgia 30th Jun 2015 caregiver

Leisure & Health: Policies & Procedures Handbook

This is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Georgia 18th Apr 2015 caregiver

Sand Bottles

That is very inspiring Barry!
Georgia 11th Apr 2015 caregiver

Sand Bottles

Fantastic idea! You could also decorate parts with lace.