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Lori 6th Mar 2019 Activities Director


We have an IN2L and use it often. In our assisted living area of the building we can connect it to our projector so everything we do on it can be easily seen by all participants. We do hymn Sings (people can see the words up on the screen, Sing-along, do word games, use u Tube, google and many other things. Lots of things on there. My residents love it. The residents don't usually operate it themselves. Most of our residents are not into the computer technology yet or they have their own laptops. We still do other activities so we don't rely on technology too much. It can be used in Dementia care also. They have some cool art programs and several other things that would be appropriate. For us it was worth the investment.
Lori 23rd Feb 2016 Activities Director


I work in an assisted living facility. I need a craft idea for St Patrick's day. It needs to be useful, maybe a decoration, and not too difficult. The residents don't want to do anything that looks like a kid would make. Any Ideas?