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Rosemary 5th Apr 2017 Dementia Practitioner

Words in Words Game

Thank you . That particular activity sounds excellent. Hadn't thought to just write one letter and let them go. :)
Rosemary 25th May 2016 Dementia Practitioner


Hi Jane ,
If you have access to youtube and a TV screen then the worlds your oyster. We have those two things and I use this a lot.
We do line dancing ,sitting low impact exercises and I have song lists with Lyrics that I can get. It takes a little time putting together playlists however the lists have been invaluable. Our members enjoy the music sessions and don't need to muck around with books and finding the right page etc. The choice of songs is incredible.
Another thing you can find is old TV adverts , movies. Anything to do with Olympics past and present. Sooo much. Hope this is helpful.

Rosemary 30th Mar 2016 Dementia Practitioner

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you Joanne. I know what it's like to put so much time into something like this and it's very much appreciated.
Rosemary 26th Jun 2015 Dementia Practitioner

Fall Leaves Hanging Decoration

Simple and inexpensive idea. Thank you . I bet they all look great when they're hanging up.
Rosemary 23rd Jun 2015 Dementia Practitioner

Guess the Words Quiz

Cool quiz . Thank you. Our clients will really like this one.
Rosemary 2nd Jun 2015 Dementia Practitioner

Coin Flick Challenge

That sounds very cool . I'm going to try this with our male members . Cheers for a simple but entertaining idea