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Kathleen 9th Jul 2020 OT &PT Assistant

How to Manage Aggressive Behavior

I work in a Dementia Wing, and we get aggressive behaviour all the time, different things work on different residents obviously .Some residents will go for a walk away from everyone. Or ask them very quietly And slowly what’s upsetting them and if communication is not good, maybe suggest are they hungry ,thirsty, wanting to go to the toilet ,sometimes not always it’s sometimes the simple things .
To agree and support what ever is worrying them ,ask them if there is anything I can do to help, if a resident says Go Away ,do it don’t continue trying to talk, watch them from a distance and come back 10 mins later ,with a smile on your face and say good morning like it’s been the first time they have seen you. Knowing your resident is the key, Not every thing works but it’s trial and error.
Kathleen 29th Feb 2016 OT &PT Assistant

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

I am working in a small facility and the residents with the very good cognitive skills ,want to stay in their room, there fore the residents that do come out into the activity room either have various stages of Dementia or visually Impaired .Has anybody got any ideas , as we only have 1 Therapy Assistant on at one time , the only activity that is popular is Bingo, the visually impaired residents like the quizs but the Dementia residents struggle.Kathy