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Fiona 14th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Really keen to work on 2018 calendar, when will this be available to print?
Fiona 4th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator


Can I ask a question : This month we have St Patricks and Easter, normally I would decorate the activity room with the theme of the month, if there are two themes should I decorate the activity room with both?? Or would you suggest I decorate with one theme (the first to arrive) then take it down to decorate for the second theme (second to arrive)?? I am new at this. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks.
Fiona 19th Feb 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi, I just wanted to make a suggestion for anyone else who may have residents with Schizophrenia. I have some residents with this disorder and I find they can be very recluse. What I noticed really helps with them is Mandala Art, they sit for long periods of time colouring these in and I find this really calms them and gives them a constructive activity. Just an FYI.
Fiona 8th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thanks Margaret, I may have to look at this avenue as I am finding it difficult to source a mobile library.
Fiona 6th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hello everybody, I was wondering if anyone knows of a mobile library service in brisbane that visits nursing homes?
Fiona 16th Dec 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator


You should definitely look into volunteering and studying the Cert in Diversional Therapy. It is great the experience you have but to be employable you need to show recent work with aged care. Hope this helps.