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deborah 3rd Sep 2019 activities person


hi i have a lady with severe dementia eveything you give her she throws and she cannot talk and everytime you approach her she screams need help
deborah 11th Jan 2019 activities person


i have a resident with dementia who used to work with iron he also liked to go to the pub any activities i could give him to do would be most helpful
deborah 11th Jan 2018 activities person


how do i celebrate a residents birthday i used to put up banners and ballooons then have a cake and give them a card and sing happy birthday does anyone do anything different
deborah 22nd Aug 2017 activities person

Checklist for Social Outings

please can you make the lists in pdf form so i can print them off the social activity outing sheet and the evaulation form are only in document and my computer does not recongize this
deborah 15th Aug 2017 activities person


im after a activity for a lady that used to be a midwife and wont sit down any ideas would be welcomed