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allison 20th Jul 2017 Dementia Team Manager (RN)

Creative Hand Fans

Thanks for the lovely feedback - it really is a nice activity
allison 11th Jul 2017 Dementia Team Manager (RN)

Creative Hand Fans

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Creative Hand Fans
allison 31st May 2016 Dementia Team Manager (RN)


We use this for our clients to find out as much as we can. We then use these to make life stories for or with the client depending on level of function. If they don't have photos we find them from newspapers and magazines like photos of beaches, birds etc. My Life Story Template
allison 19th Nov 2015 Dementia Team Manager (RN)


I'm in Singapore but got mine off eBay. They are foam and about 2inches by 2 inches. Very light and easy to use. Cost me $2 each. I also got large blow up dice that are about 30cm by 30cm off ebay that I use with clients for fun.
allison 21st Oct 2015 Dementia Team Manager (RN)


I agree you can't call it aromatherapy unless you have qualifications. We call it smelling activities or olfactory stimulation depending on what setting we are in.
allison 21st Oct 2015 Dementia Team Manager (RN)


I am in Singapore and we do in-home dementia therapies 1 on 1 with the client doing activities such as art therapy, music therapy, doll therapy whilst incorporating stimulation of the 5 senses. We also have an activity center for the same thing.
We have an assessment we use which is half clinical / half "life story".
Just wondering if people could let me know if there are any questions that have been very beneficial in asking to the family or if anyone wants to share there assessment they use?

allison 8th Sep 2015 Dementia Team Manager (RN)

Play Dough Crafts

I use "Soft as cloud dough" with my residents. It has a lovely feeling to it and I also add essential oils especially lavender for relaxation.
Try it:
1 part conditioner
2 parts corn flour/corn starch
Food colouring (optional)
essential oils (optional)
Mix together and it feels beautiful, I even play with it for ages